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5 Things I’ve Been Loving, Reading & Learning

Hi Everyone!

Here is your weekly dose of “My Friday Top 5,” a list of what I’m enjoying, reading or pondering.


What I’m listening to —
The School Of Greatness. This was introduced to me by a friend. Lewis Howes, is a former Pro-Athlete turned lifestyle entrepreneurs. Lewis interviews some of the greatest influencers from a multitude of industries. I listen to this podcast everyday and pick up at least one gem to implement and execute in my own life. Loving the authenticity of these super stars.

What I’m watching —
Suits. This clever (and funny) series was introduced to me by a mate Calvin Coyles and Julian Pace after a business trip to Bali. I generally don’t like watching TV, but when I do this is my new go to. Love all things Harvey Specter, I just so happen to be going to a gala event this weekend where he will be the host. #ManCrushHarvey Specter


Just purchased this for the office boardroom



What I’m reading

Inspirational, funny and a true roller coaster to Success… I really love the philosophical encouragement at the beginning of each chapter (which happens to relate to the event in Ronda’s life which she is about to unpack). Very Clever
My Fight / Your Fight” – Rousey

Most popular post on Instagram —
I think every human should wake up with this thought.

Quote I’m pondering, once again —
“Everything will be alright in the end, so if it’s not alright, it is not yet the end” – Anonymous

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