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What makes Michael Cooper

Believing in your potential

I am Michael Cooper Financial Planner. I am a staunch family man who loves spending quality time with my family. I love being in peak physical condition, my aim is to constantly improve myself even if by just 1% each day. I strive each day to help others achieve their full financial potential.


What my clients want, their dreams – Most people who come to see me have limited or no direction in their current financial circumstances and lack certainty in their future. Mostly they are seeking the financial freedom to make choices. What problems do I solve – Well in my role as a financial adviser, coach and mentor. This is what I do. I provide the solutions and the systems, that eradicate their fears and frustrations around money. Which in turn allows them to realise their full potential

My WHY – A great day from me is any given day where I have contributed to or added value to just one persons life 
My passion – believing, leading, empowering and realising the potential of those around me
Environment – I thrive in an optimistic, energetic, powerful and a CAN DO environment! One of the things I love to hear is – Yes, let’s do it
Clients – Increasing the level of my clients clarity, certainty and freedom. Which directly correlates to their level of happiness is my benchmark and what I measure my success. My competitive nature and drive – Naturally I have a competitive drive that runs deep through my veins. Certainly I was born with this, but I have nurtured this quality for years in the sporting arena. I pride myself on being the best I can be. I expect those around me to be their best
My Outlook – Everything is possible
New Path ways – My vision is to constantly forge new pathways, be a trailblazer – always ready to lead the way in whatever i turn my hand to.
Experience – From a Financial Planning aspect. I have the luxury to call on over 104 years of investment experience and portfolio management. Between my licensee who has the feel of a family and the professionalism of a multinational company plus the investment committee that I participate in. I sleep easy at nights knowing the advice that I provide is sound and in the clients best interests.

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