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What our clients say

Mike has been advising me over the past 18 months since relocating from the UK. I needed to get myself set up as a company to transfer my business here, as well as all personal finance structures in place – accounting, Super, insurances, tax, business registrations etc. Additionally, I lost two members of my immediate family back home in London within months of moving. This meant my Mum was now under pressure to downsize in the UK and was about to exchange on a house which would lock up all her capital with very little to her name in the way of income and/or savings.

For her, looking at now surviving on a single UK pension, still working part time at 71 and wanting annual trips to Australia to see her only child was, frankly, terrifying and completely unrealistic. For me, in my new-found circumstances as an only child, I now found myself wanting to help provide for a parent on the other side of the world, while still settling in to my new life and business ‘down under’. To say I spent 2017 stressed and overwhelmed when imagining my financial future, is a massive understatement!

In working with Mike, I have been connected with a trusted ‘go to’ source of knowledge, mentor-ship, tools, services, contacts and – most importantly – a friend on the ground for anything related to financial decisions when feeling a little overwhelmed (to say the least!) by my circumstances. It is so reassuring – not to mention efficient – to know someone has your back in this regard to explain things in simple terms. I am up and running with everything I need both for my business and personal finance structure, along with a solid grasp of my options for future security. Even better, my mum avoided making a poor investment decision in the UK which would have significantly restricted her happiness at a time of life that she should really feel excited about enjoying!

The peace of mind of having someone like Mike at the end of the phone – whether I am calling him or he regularly and proactively checking in with me – is priceless. What felt like a pretty disastrous and bleak outlook after an unexpectedly challenging year after moving here, being made aware of our (many) options with what we have available has resulted in both mum and I feeling excited and motivated about our future as a mother and daughter team living on opposite sides of the planet! At 71, she is looking forward to her new chapter in life as an ‘investor’ and I am feeling a lot less pressured to have to help her financially – something which wasn’t making either of us feel great. Words don’t seem to express enough how grateful we both are for Mike’s time and advice – what he offers is so much more than this. HE CHANGES LIVES!

Amy Taylor

Social Media Expert, Connected Freedom Media Pty Ltd

“In just one consultation with Mike, he gave me enough confidence to start a new business idea that I had been procrastinating with for over 5 years. Every time I met with Mike he gives me the sense that he wants me to be successful more than I want to be! His encouragement is nourishing and without his persistence, I would still be “thinking about starting my idea”. Instead, I am a couple of weeks away from launching my business and to whole new level. Mike has a positive, realistic and action orientated approach that gets you moving toward your goals, rather than just talking about them.”

Amanda Scott

Personal Trainer, ASFit

“Before meeting Mike, I lived pay to pay, and could never afford the things I really wanted, like a deposit for a house or an overseas holiday. Mike worked with me to understand budgeting, and gave me strategies to better organise and manage my money. Move on a year, I had $10,000 saved, had purchased a house and had enjoyed an overseas holiday. I could not have done it without the expertise and guidance from Mike.”


Karina Follent

Virtual Admin, Pro-Assist

“I have worked closely with Mike for many years now. He has taught me how to protect myself, my money and my family through insight into insurance protections, trust and estate planning and general knowledge around the markets and what that means for my nest egg. Without his dedication, attention to detail and compassion towards my needs I would not be in the position I am today. Thank you Mike  for taking the time to support me and care for me and my family needs.”

Mandy Cooper

Transition Manager, UBS

“After working with many financial planners over the years it was refreshing to come across Mike. Michael is one of the few planners who genuinely cares & plans for the future, not just sells product. Thank you Mike for your help, support and guidance. Much appreciated”

Samantha Richardson

Mortgage Broker, Loan Market

Mike’s expertise and advice have propelled my savings and earning abilities to a new level that I did not think was possible. His wisdom, input and guidance have helped me to not only plan better but actually execute those plans (with some butt kicking along the way). Mike’s professionalism and experience speaks for itself and I could not recommend him highly enough if you want to take your financial goals to the next level.”

Zoe Neethling

Flow Services

“I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. The support and advice he has given me and my family is second to none and his work has set us up for a prosperous and financially secure future. I am so grateful for all of your assistance Mike. You have been a bigger help than I think you know. I look forward to our future working together.”

James Parker

General Manager, Bounce Inc

“I recently started working with Michael and not long afterwards obtained a serious knee injury that required reconstructive surgery.

As soon as he caught wind of my injury, he was on the phone to offer his support and enquire about the details. In no time at all he and the team had emailed me with the details of what financial support was avialable to me through my insurances, and advised me that they would handle it all on my behalf.

Thanks to their diligence and experience, I received my payment in an extremely short time frame, which has helped tremendously towards the added costs I have incurred recently.

Their support, assistance and speed of processing was first class!”

Mitch Sargent

Business Development Manager, Sweet Lemon

“I have had the pleasure of working with Michael Cooper and having come from the financial services industry, I must say I am extremely impressed with Mikes unique client service attitude.
He is so much more than a planner wanting to get someone into a managed fun and some insurance. He offers so much more in his desire to help his clients and he offers wealth coaching, budgeting advice and a far greater variety of investment vehicles to his clients which is such a good thing for me to see. I would highly recommend Mike as highly skilled and passion financial planner who knows first hand the fundamentals of effective money management principles and how to build wealth and lifestyle for a good life and financial security for retirement. Mike is the real deal. Thank you”

Trevor Russell

Business Strategist, Russell Revolution

“Mike has an aptitude for finance and understanding clients that makes him stand out from the thousands of Financial Planners. He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and tries to capture the essence of your requests in his advice. A versatile planer who is professional, yet very approachable “

Richard Faataape

Managing Director, Primary Security

Hi Michael,

Well I just wanted to say I looked forward to the morning motivational talks from you,  it kept me on track and thinking in a positive mind set.  Within our daily lives we always come up against challenges and negative people who if we let them bring you down.  The talks for me kept me strong and focused on what I want to achieve in my life and always left me feeling accelerated and energized.  Great way to start my day I say…. I have made changes in the last month but not as I usually would, I have adopted the one bite of the elephant at a time concept and find I am not beating myself up like I used to before.

I am grateful for my  girlfriend Georgia introducing me to you, and look forward to the future amazing changes I will be implementing in the rest of my life.

Cheers joy

Joy Luca

Adult Justice Services Division , Department of Corrective Services

Hi Mike,


What an amazing month of motivational calls. I missed last week due to travels, I am looking forward to listening to the downloads, and getting back into my daily rituals.

I loved this mornings call about Fear! I have some conversations I need to have and have been worrying about them.. Not now! Thanks again Mike.

I can’t wait for your next round, I am so grateful to be apart of this. I know the time, energy, passion and love you have put into this… So a BIG Thank you!

It was great to to catch up a few weeks ago, I trust you had a great Birthday!


Have a great day,


Georgia Sheehan

Morning Mike

Firstly, a huge, huge thank you to you from Ron and I for the MMCs – it’s been a great month of motivation, learning, inspiration and refreshing information and we have both found it immensely valuable.

The two sessions we found most valuable were:

  1. Sales – as I already mentioned in an earlier email, our sales skills is the one key area we really need to master so this was a timely reminder.  We’re starting to work on it twice a week from Monday – using the same time 9.15-9.45 to carry on our personal development during June.
  2. And Session 10 – Developing a Leaders Mindset.  This is all about stepping up for us.  For many years I (Ali) resisted stepping up to my true leadership capability based on huge responsibilities that were forced upon me as a child, young teenager and young adult, without the benefit of suitable mentor/s to help me manage the ultimately overwhelming sense of responsibility.  As a result, for many years I did not honour my true leadership potential and only started to step back into this within the last 10 years.  This session reminded me of what I need to do but I now have energy and Grace to support that in a positive way. Also, for both of us, it is critical in fulfilling our philanthropic aspirations.

Some general golden nuggets we’ve pulled out of our notes over the 13 sessions are:

  • Living our purpose – being the best we can possibly be & play a bigger game
  • Through the line – not to it …
  • We want to to part of the 3%
  • Protect your mind – we’ve also both been listening to John Kehoe,
  • Success Board as shared in session 8
  • Tools such as Blinkist – just love it
  • Linkages between Healthy Body – Healthy Mind
  • Habits – reminders
  • Willpower – being at it’s strongest 1st thing in the morning
  • Reminder to take time out to smell the roses, refill the tank and let new stuff assimilate
  • The stories – all relevant and helpful in helping set the knowledge
  • Accelerating learning a new skill

And finally, Mike your openness in being willing and prepared to show your vulnerability eg – your fear of rejection.  Also, you led us by example – showing up on time, energised, positive, prepared with quality knowledge to share and a great attitude.  Unfortunately I’ve experienced great people I’ve worked with in the past and they start out great but just don’t even get to the line, let alone through it!  (probably myself included if I’m honest) And you maintained that same wonderful energy that you exude throughout.

We also genuinely appreciate the amount of work that’s gone into making these happen.

Thanks Mike, and we’re looking forward to July!


Ali & Ron Beswick