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April 2017 Market Commentary

April 2017 Market Commentary


Since our last commentary we have had new presidents elected in France and South Korea, missile

tests from the latter’s northern neighbor, unprecedented actions from the US president and continued

Brexit negotiations in Europe. Closer to home the talk about a housing bubble and the potential impact

on the banks should it burst has been unrelenting, and this topic was also central to the latest federal

budget. And yet, though these events might ordinarily be expected to lead to instability in investment

markets, we have seen volatility remain low and major global share market indices maintain modest to

impressive year to date gains. The patience to maintain a long-term focus and the discipline to filter the

noise that pervades the short-term view is what has led to the welcome recent strong portfolio

performance, and is what we will continue to deliver in our management of your portfolio.

20170516 – MXA – Monthly Commentary

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20170516 – MXA – Monthly Commentary

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