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Why continuing to learn and develop helps your career: Blog Post  


This week, we have been talking about personal development and learning on our social media channels. Beyond taking time to do personal things to help develop your character or personal life, continuing to learn and develop on a career level is also very beneficial.


Once you are out of an academic setting it can be hard to continue learning, but technology changes so fast that it’s important to keep up. There are many reasons why continuing to learn is very important.


Learning something new is going to make you feel more positive – about your job, your future prospects, and yourself in general. Depending on your profession, if you don’t keep up with current developments you may rapidly fall behind those who do – whether that’s your co-workers or your competitors.


If you’re always learning, then other people will begin to view you as an expert. This respect can make lots of situations easier, for example when you’re pitching new ideas and projects to your boss, or you’re managing a team.


The more skills and knowledge you acquire, the more valuable you are as an employee. This not only gives you greater job security, but it puts you in a stronger position to receive benefits such as promotions and wage increases. The more skills and knowledge you can add to your repertoire, the more you’ll have to offer when it’s time to look for a new job.


Learning and development improves your productivity in two ways. Firstly, you acquire new skills and knowledge that make you more effective in the workplace, and secondly learning something new is going to make you feel re-energised and enthusiastic about your work.


So stop struggling to fit everything into your working day and start investing in you. Just one personal development course could save you time by showing you how to work more effectively.