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Disposing It – Estate Planning

This is your estate plan. Here we look at what you earn, what you owe and what you control and we need to understand what you would like to achieve in your estate plan and how we can provide predictability around these needs. To do this, we need to know what assets you have and how they are earned and controlled as this will determine how they are treated on your death. Assets will be transferred either through your will directly or through management and succession rites. During your lifetime, the use of Powers of Attorney and Powers of Guardianship may assist in achieving your financial and medical wishes.

As you can see, we offer a comprehensive service package. We look at your current situation across all six areas of advice. Of the many different strategies available, we determine what’s right for you and your circumstances and we implement those. We see ourselves very much in the centre of the circle with you determining the strategies that will achieve your objectives and then we determine which products and policies and which people such as your solicitor, your accountant and your mortgage broker that we need to work with to bring together your plan and make it happen.

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