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Protecting It – Financial Risk Plan

This is your risk plan. Here we look at your personal risks and your investment risks but first, we need to understand what risks you are taking in the way that you have structured your personal circumstances and how we can mitigate those risks. So for instance, a loss of income through the death or permanent or partial disability of yourself or your partner can be mitigated through life insurance. We want to make sure your major assets are insured; your home, your cars, your boat.

If you have a lot of debt then we need to understand the impact on your cash flow if interest rates increased by 2 or 3 percent and, if that would be catastrophic for you then we need to fix those rates. We want to make sure you can sleep at night with the investments you have in place and any investments that we recommend for you. We do things like risk profiling to determine the level of risk that you are comfortable with and we educate you about what can go wrong with your strategies as well as what can go right so you can make informed decisions.

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