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Issues in the Workplace with Time: Blog post

This week we’ve been focusing on time. It’s an important concept in life. Things that are important to us, take time. The funny thing is, the place where time and time management is most abused is in the workplace.


There are many nonverbal and verbal behaviors that are common occurrences that ruin our sense of time management.  We do rather ridiculous things with our time like:

  • We take back-to-back meetings, which almost guarantees we’ll be late for subsequent appointments.
  • We don’t take deadlines seriously, which leaves everybody disappointed.
  • We double (or triple!) book, imagining, hopelessly, that we can be in three places at the same time—which, again, leaves everybody less than pleased.
  • We give time we don’t really have. Instead of leaning into your focus, you lean out into a discussion.


Imagine this scene: Someone asks, “Can I have a minute?” You agree even though you are in the middle of something or supposed to be somewhere. You can’t give them your full attention because it is somewhere else. It is better to reschedule when you can be fully present.


Don’t fear! We can correct for our time blindness!! Instead of having distractions come whenever someone has a problem, we can block out parts of our days for welcoming interruptions. And when we make a commitment, we can immediately add it to our to-do list—or, better yet, our schedule.


It’s important to implement rules for yourself to give yourself enough time to be successful. Making time management a priority can effect your success at work and possible financial gains. It can also prioritise the time you spend at work vs. with family.


These important priorities all stem from managing time wisely. It’s a great idea to start trying to create schedules for your time in the day, and sticking to them.