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Passion over Profession

In 1984 Olympics turned professional. Which means Athletes went from volunteer to professional. They went from heart and emotionally driven athletes to transactional athletes…. Hence they declined in performance! There has been countless studies performed over the years to prove that reward or compensation is an inhibiting factor to performance.

Experience shows me that the highest paid athletes were always the hardest to work with. Always late to training, lazy and tardy at training. Come game day and when it mattered they were the first ones to quit! It was the guy in 2nd grade without a contract and no pay check who was always first to training, last to leave, ran through the line not to the line and the most receptive to coaching! He was also the hardest worker in the room.

AVIS use to have the motto – WE TRY HARDER (which after 50 years in 2012 was finally dropped – with the CEO stating that WE TRY HARDER motto was now embedded in the DNA of the company!).

“We Try Harder” was the result of Avis in 1962 looking for a refreshed brand image under then-CEO Robert Townsend. It had a difficult streak during which it failed to make a profit.

The tagline was penned by DDB copywriter Paula Green and was actually rooted in the response that Bill Bernbach, the co-founder of DDB, helped elicit from company management when asking why anyone ever rents a car from them. “We Try Harder” then became a promise that Avis was making to consumers about the quality of its service, as well as a way to elevate the brand’s status despite being the second-largest car rental company behind Hertz.

So Avis was known for trying harder because it was 2nd in the markert. Athletes and humans are the same!

We are also geared in the same fashion. So make sure that you have an appetite of DOING not an appetite of WANTING!

THRIVE under pressure! We were designed to run, we were made to fight! So kick out the supports – stand staunch on your own two feet. Remember- The arc is strongest the higher it is from the centre!

So let me ask you a question:

1. Are you Passionate or professional about what you do?

2. Are you doing what you have to do or what you LOVE to do?

Depending on which way you answer these questions, could determine your level of success and happiness! If you are ever faced with a decision on what to do… rule in favour of your heart! Then in doing so, you will be doing what you love, you would happily do it for free! But because you love it – you do it so well…. you will ultimately be handsomely compensated.

PASSION over Profession!