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What Does A Financial Coach Do?

60 Second Financial Health Check

What does a financial coach do?

Like a personal trainer for your financial health!

A Personal trainer will:

  • Ask you about your goals
  • Seek to understand your current regime ie diet and exercise
  • Educate you on ideal diet and exercise requirements
  • Work with you to implement a regular training program to embed this lifestyle as a routine to attain your goals.


Similarly, by assisting you with cash flow management, you will:

  • Clarify your wealth goals
  • Understand where you are currently
  • Explain the different expense categories and the role banking structures play to (education)
  • Provide regular coaching by driving behaviours & embedding lifestyle changes to achieve your goals.


Why is it important?

Over 60% of Australians are concerned about their ability to meet their rising living expenses whilst adequately providing for their retirement. Around a third of them acknowledge their lack of understanding of financial and cash flow management. (Investment Trends 2012 Advice & Limited Advice report)


What are the benefits?

A cash flow management plan provides you a simple way to view, understand and track your current money inflows and outflows. Ultimately it enables you to create greater wealth through efficiencies by:

  • More effectively balancing debt, lifestyle and saving
  • Focussing on your financial vision and goal setting
  • Clarifying and discerning between “needs” and ‘wants”
  • Learning about cash flow fundamentals: banking structures, expense categories, savings strategies.


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60 Second Financial Health Check



This information is of a general nature only and neither represents nor is intended to be specific advice on any particular matter. We strongly suggest that you seek professional financial advice before acting.